Thursday, July 9, 2015

Slides from Penn State MacAdmins 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to another installment of my talk slides.

This year I ended up giving three talks:

How to Take Vacations using this one weird trick — DOCUMENTATION! which was a joint venture with the inestimable Rich Trouton of Der Flounder fame.

Load Balancing for Humans 2: Electric Boogaloo

And lastly, a bonus talk I snuck in after Load Balancing 2 and by public request:

Better Living Through Science Fiction

For folks who were unable to make it to the sessions there will be videos of all three talks posted -- I'm uncertain as to whether Better Living will be a standalone talk, or if will be at the end of Load Balancing 2.

For folks who missed Load Balancing, or who absolutely loved it and want to take it back to your coworkers and nerd friends immediately I have awesome news! The 1.0 version of the talk, which I gave at PSU last year, is already up on YouTube.

Load Balancing for Humans 1.0 — Vanessa's first conference talk ever.

And last but not least:

Time Management for Systems Administrators by Tom Limoncelli (ISBN-13: 978-0596007836 ISBN-10: 0596007833) is the tome I reference heavily.

Buy it where you can, get it in dead tree or digital, whatever you prefer.

Thanks again to the ever wonderful Mac community for letting me stand up in front of y'all and speak.