Sunday, October 28, 2012

Panoply of things: haxors

Ok, now for something a bit more lighthearted: a couple kludges I've been working on.

First off, a bit of background: where I work we run all Mac clients, and some severely outmoded Xserves, which will with any luck eventually be retired in favor of well maintained Linux virtual servers and a couple Macs/Xserves to roll out Open Directory, Work Group Manager, and AFP.

So, one of the "fun" things we have going is OD controlled network user home folders shared over AFP from a G5 Xserve. Besides being a bit of a hassle on the server side it leads to a delightful variety of issues on the client end.

For example, did you know that a fair number of Mac programs assume the user folder only lives at /Users? With pure network accounts this causes a wide variety of fun issues, from software refusing to launch to absolutely terrible snafus when applications can't decide if they should save application support files to /Library/Application Support, ~/Library/Application Support, or /Volumes/Network/Server/Users/~/Library/Application Support. My best solution so far has been to put things in /Library/Application Support, which typically solves the problem.

In a similar situation I discovered that for Adobe CS 5.5 InDesign to allow network users to use the fonts in /Applications/Adobe InDesign/Fonts is to set the folder contained files to read/write for everyone. Local user accounts were fine, it was only the network accounts that were unable to see the fonts in that folder.

As a teaser, I've spent some time building SheepShaver standalone VMs for internal use so I can transition the last of the remaining PPC computers out of service. Someday soon I'll do a writeup on making stable SheepShaver classic Mac OS virtual machines to run OS 7.5-9 on modern Mac hardware.

Panoply of things: Social

A veritable panoply of things have transpired since my last post. The universe has thrown a few more curveballs at me, so I'm splitting the update into two chunks, the social aspects, and the leet haxors aspects.

So, as the title indicates, this is the social section. In a continuing effort on the Universe's part to prove to me that I already do not live in the most ideal of universes things continue to be full of sad. Another cat had to be put to sleep, humans are incredibly frustrating creatures, and an old friend passed away.

I'm torn up about the loss of my friend. We hadn't spoken for a while, mostly because during election years we couldn't get along at all due to being on polar opposite ends of the political spectrum.

He tried to message me a few days before he died. The last time we'd spoke it had been over politically charged topics, and since I was busy camping and trying to spend a few days in peace away from the world I didn't respond.

I couldn't have known it would be the last time I would hear from him. None of my friends have really hit that age where death is a common occurrence, unless it's due to an accident or a tragic illness.

I'll miss my friend. He was my friend long ago when I really needed one. He helped me choose my username nephilim. I can't begin to imagine the loss felt by his wife and children.

I'll miss you Lurker.