Friday, July 13, 2012

Leaving hope

There's something horribly disconcerting about realizing you're living in the multiverse's equivalent of The Monkey's Paw short story.

"Why zamzummim/nephilim, would you ever think that?" you say, oh my non-existent audience.

Well, because every single time something starts to look up in one aspect of my life something else goes horribly wrong. It's like living in a time delayed version of a John Hughes film crossed with David Lynch's Twin Peaks and a tiny bit of Eraserhead for good measure.

I've got a beautiful car and a promising job full of interesting, albeit frustrating, challenges and then terrible things happen, in my case losing a cat and a dog within a fortnight of each other. The dog I was steeling myself for because he'd been sick for three years and it was a quality of life issue, but I really wasn't expecting to lose the cat. She was only two, and she should have lived a good while longer, if only it wasn't for her love of sleeping on the flag road and the driveway.

At least I got to be there and touch my dog while he was put down, but I didn't even get to say goodbye to my cat until she'd been gone for a while.

Anyway universe, you're on notice: no more happy then sad tradeoffs. I can't take any more. There's nothing the monkey's paw can give me that I want to sacrifice anything else for. So cut it the hell out and leave me in peace, ok universe?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why oh why...

Crimes against proper server setup and maintenance should be punishable somehow.

Being unable to restart a server out of the fear that it might implode in upon itself after running for almost two years should not be a part of anyone's job description.

I just have to keep repeating the mantra "in the end, it will work; the daemons will be less finicky, the services will have dedicated accounts, and all will be right in the server rooms" -- if I apply enough positive energy to the situation in addition to the elbow grease it will definitely be so... Or, such is my fervent hope.

And now to sleep.

Bats and liches,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let's get this show on the road

So after umpteen million strange aeons I've decided that I want to try this whole blogging thing again.

To start with maybe things should begin with a list of things I'll probably talk about here.

  • Weird Mac OS X sysadmin issues. These days I'm dealing with all sorts of bizarre Mac issues in a client/server environment, so some of this may spill over.
  • Sheepshaver haxors.
  • Cross-posts of things from Flickr.
  • Random stories from my day to day life when it deviates from the simple map of "wake up, drive to work, work, leave work, run errands, drive home, sleep"
  • Stupid pet stories.
  • Random musings about music and books and stuff.
Well, we'll see how this turns out, oh most likely nonexistent readers.

-the n3philim, also known as zamzummim, among other aliases.