Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Talk Slides: How I learned to stop worrying and project manage my life

Slides can be found: here

Musings below the break.

As George Harrison once put down in song, all things must pass.

I've had an odd sense of peace since I finished the slides for this talk, and, as it is now over, well, it isn't exactly a secret that I'm walking away from the Mac community.

Anyway, the slides are here in a nice little PDF. For the curious, the title font is Fluoxetine, and the body font is Love Letter Typewriter.

Love Letter Typewriter has the distinction of being the font from Serial Experiments Lain, which I reference near the end of my talk "close the world, open the next" — since I ended my first talk in the Mac community with a quote from Persona "bonds of people are the true power" its a poetic justice that, now that my ties to the community have been cut, I should close things out with Lain, a heavily Apple influenced series that ends with the main character removing herself from society.

I'm off to go have what will hopefully be a wonderful vacation now, and to start deciding what I'll do next.

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