Sunday, May 17, 2015

Self Preservation

Scratch that, this process starts 5/18/15. Time waits for no troll.

So… I’m waiting one week and then rolling this out live.

Social media policy:

TL:DR version — I can and will make liberal use of the block button. If you're on extremely cordial terms with people I deem toxic, if you're a "get more followers" spam bot, distasteful in a way I find unappealing, are a misogynist jerk, or et cetera I will block you.

I am under no obligation whatsoever to make it easy on people who I perceive to be threats or risks to myself (or my friends/loved ones/associates) to follow my timeline.

Long version:

1) My Facebook account is highly regulated and locked down. I do not typically send out friend requests — I only respond to incoming requests. If I add you as my friend and we don't know each other well you will likely only see my acquaintance level view. I periodically go through and unfriend accounts that appear inactive or annoying, among other things.

2) My Twitter account is public for a variety of reasons, most of which revolve around being ok with revealing certain aspects of my life publicly online.

3) I give no quarter to follow bots and spam bots that lack a novel edge. Accounts like Godtributes, horse_ebooks, and ebooks bots built by people I follow that I find entertaining will appear in my retweets. No ifs, ands, or buts.

4) There are people in this world that I consider to be toxic. Upon encountering these folks following me I will block them.

5) Associates of toxic people who interact with said toxic people and their circle of friends will also be blocked. Interaction levels will influence this — but I will by default err on the side of blocking people.

6) Appeals to the block policy can be made by sending an email to however please be prepared to be summarily ignored.

Most importantly, there is rule 7:

7) if you have ever stalked, harassed, or otherwise behaved in a manner I find grossly objectionable towards me you will and forever shall remain on the block list. I will continue to block you on each and every service I utilize until the heat death of the universe or my untimely demise.

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