Monday, August 25, 2014

Charyou tree

TL:DR, I'm working on an exceptionally geeky new talk, and I'm going to have some hard choices to make.

So, as you may know, person of the Internet, I'm speaking at another conference this fall. MacTech in LA.

Which is thrilling, exciting, and "omfg, halp, wat do?" all at the same time.

I've got a 30 minute block to stand up in front of my fellow Mac geeks and words at them. 30 minutes, no more, no less.

On one hand, hurray! 30 minutes is a nice, manageable chunk of time. I won't feel like I'm LARPing my favorite professors from college like I did giving 75 minute talks. >_> Yea, I felt like I was LARPing my favorite philosophy professors at MacAdmins, ok? Now you know!

On the other hand… I've got tons of things I could say, and only 30 minutes to say them. I'm going to have to cull things. I'm going to have to reap my precious idea babies, and leave some of them in a burn pile.

So… Now I have to decide what gets reaped, and what lives to see the conference. And I have to make sure everything flows, sticks in people's brains, and leaves me in a good "mic drop walk off" place.

@_@ So now to decide. Do I develop all the idea babies and let my friends and users help me pare down the list so it's manageable? Do I cull out all of the deep cut ideas that folks might not get? I can't take out ideas most likely to be in folks' cultural literacy and memetic schemas -- I need those to help establish a baseline, I think.

Commala Reap, come commala Charyou Tree.

However it works out it's my Ka, right?

Harvest/Reap Moon is less than two weeks away, this is a good time for reaping…

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