Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Talk recordings from MacAdmins

Ok, links to my talks from MacAdmins.

Load Balancing for Humans

Baremetal VSphere Mac Minis

Without being able to see me and only going on the ambient audio from the recordings I can most definitely say that Load Balancing was a far better talk.

For one thing I was well rested. For another I am passionate about the subject. For a third the room really seemed to enjoy and buy in to the talk.

Baremetal VSphere Mac Minis on the other hand? o_o I can tell I was sick. Oh can I tell I was sick. Thankfully I wasn't actively sick and was instead "recovering" sick, otherwise it would've been even worse.

I think the fact that I wasn't feeling well came through worse in the audio recording than in person. At least in person I could still look chipper and cheerful, well, as chipper and cheerful as someone who was violently ill a few hours earlier can look. On the audio recording? The exhaustion is audible. I keep sighing heavily. I can kind of hear the "I'm having ketosis and am shaky" come through in my voice.

Granted, as pretty much no one at the conference had met me in real life I don't think anyone could really tell that I wasn't on my A game for Baremetal while I was delivering it live.

Ah well.

Final squirrel count? 2.

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